Piano Masterclass

1 - 6 July 2019

International Music Academy of Colombes, France

Piano Masterclass for all levels and nationalities

In a beautiful setting, in the Parisian region (Conservatory of Music and Dance of Colombes), Axia Marinescu will give a Masterclass to pianists and students of all ages at the International Music Academy of Colombes. Students may perform a free repertory from the Baroque period to contemporary piano music. All nationalities are welcome.

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Feature Movie

Axia Marinescu plays the main role in the French series Une voiture - Une chanson, directed by Mario Hacquard.

Watch it here

Masterclass in China

5 - 10 May 2018

The masterclass is open to pianists of all levels and will take place in the cities of Nanjing and Beijing.

TEDx Bucharest Women

It's about time

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